My name is Simon van den Berg. Welcome.
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I'm a student at the Theatre Studies department of the University of Amsterdam

My three month stay in Berlin has sadly come to an end... But check out my Links page for some interesting sites there.

In the course of my study you get quite a lot to do with that strange cultural behaviour of humans: theatre. Although at my department we take on a scientific viewpoint, the students do get involved in making performances, mainly in our own University Theatre. There I learned the basics of stage lightning and -decoration and found my main interest in the use of music in performances.
Spring 1998 I am going to be the dramaturg with a project from Annelies Wielaard, who will direct, and myself entirely devoted to sound in the theatre.
Within the Theatre Studies Department I'm also involved in De Nieuwe Interacte, the magazine of Theatre students in Amsterdam, being a financial manager/lay-out/regular contributor.

Computerwise I'm a Maccer at the moment, though not as devoted as some. I own a Performa 6300, which at the moment is being taken care of by my girlfriend, Floortje Bakkeren. For the Berlin-adventure I got me an additional Powerbook 190.
Like quite some other Mac users I have Atari roots, owning a Mega ST. I'm still fond of this machine, especially for it's plug 'n' play MIDI features. Before the Atari, I used my fathers old Kaypro II. I still own that piece of heavy equipment, hoping for a way to convert some of the CP/M files. Advice on that is more than welcome.

I intend to set up another page entirely devoted to music, sounds and computers, but that'll have to wait until my knowledge of HTML is sufficient (these are my first scriblings). Till then, click here for some notable sites.
Furthermore, I support the Blue Ribbon campaign for free speech on the net

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